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Quintinno Labs embodies a resolute commitment to crafting a future where innovation and impact converge. Rooted in our unwavering passion to solve pressing climate challenges, we drive forward with a shared mission: to democratize clean energy and make it accessible to all by developing compact and powerful energy solutions. We have started our endeavour with the clean mobility sector.


Quintinno Labs isn't just shaping the future – we're actively living it, crafting solutions that resonate with our vision of a smarter, democratized, and more sustainable world.

Meet The Team

Divas Parashar


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Ananya Pritam_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ananya Pritam

Founder's Office

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Sarthak Dangwal - marketing consultant at the company

Sarthak Dangwal

Marketing Consultant

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Divas Parashar - the founder and CEO of the company
Vaibhav Saraf_edited.jpg

Vaibhav Saraf

Founder's Office

Our Advisors

Alex Huang - technical advisor to Quintinno Labs

Alex Q. Huang

Technology Advisor

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Shridhar Sethuram - business advisor to Quintinno Labs

Shridhar Sethuram

Business Advisor

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We're seeking a dynamic engineer with a strong foundation in battery technology, power electronics, and embedded systems. The ideal candidate isn't just well-versed in these domains but also possesses a deep understanding of electric vehicle (EV) technology. The candidate will be at the forefront of product development, ensuring Quint's performance, safety, and efficiency. They will play a pivotal role in driving our vision and ensuring our product stands out in the market.

Quintinno Labs - a representative image of the technological innovation pioneered at Quintinno Labs.
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